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June 30

Israel in the wilderness is the picture of many people today. We're parched and dry, sometimes empty, often cracked and barren, thirsty. It's the same ol' same ol' for many people these days, even for believers. But, the spiritual ruts are often the ones we dig because we miss the one important step in the journey that is most difficult. But, there's a promise. It is right here for us to grasp. Reach out...


The Facts of Life

June 23

Some times we need to talk about the facts of life. And today I want to talk to you about the facts of church life. When the apostle Paul wrote about the Church, he said it was a mystery. The mystery is how, like in marriage, we can all become one church body. We have weathered storms together, but have accomplished much. Tension happens, but we are resilient. And sometimes change is necessary. Here's looking to the future.