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SEISMIC: Multiplication

April 28

The church was never static. Even in those simple first days it was a vibrant, pulsing body. They were gripped by mission, and the mission launched them forward. Even more, the early believers stayed on point. They weren't into church growth, or buildings, or budgets, or programs, or other diversions. They were on mission. Activity never obscured the message, however. The message flourished and multiplied. It was heavenly math. It should define us today.


SEISMIC: Mission

April 21

Change happened fast in the early church. Suddenly believers were thrust beyond the walls of Jerusalem into a world of shifting populations and unusual people groups. One day Simon Peter had a vision about the church’s role in a rapidly changing world. What he saw challenged him and the other disciples. It was their first significant controversy. Their decisions rocked the world then, and continue to confront us now. How we respond to the mission of speaking the unchanging Good News in a rapidly changing time may define the continuation of the mission in years to come.