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About the Offering

April 24

In 2 Corinthians 8-9 Paul wrote the church “concerning the offering” that was being collected throughout the Gentile regions for the poor Jewish Christians in Jerusalem. Paul encouraged their participation and readiness to give, but he also answers for us several vital questions about our giving.


Return to God

April 3

Throughout God’s word we find accounts of spiritual renewals among God’s people. Such revivals take place when God’s people come together, humbly return to God, and allow him to work in and through them. In 1 Samuel 7 we are given an example of what it takes to return to God.


The Resurrection

March 27

Jesus is alive! John tells of three encounters with the risen Lord in John 20 that demonstrate the transformation that the resurrection may make in our lives. But the challenge for us is to believe. Belief is what make the event effective to you.


The Prayer of Jesus

March 20

Last words, final thoughts, and concluding statements are important and often contain the culmination of all that has gone before. In John 17 we find that Jesus’ set forth the intent and purpose of his ministry and the ministry of the church as he concludes his final message to the disciples before his crucifixion with a prayer.


The Paraclete

March 13

In the hours prior to his arrest Jesus not only reviewed the most essential tenets of his teachings, but he also comforted and reassured the disciples regarding the future. He promised them they would not be left alone, but that he would send the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, to help them.


Bearing or Barren

March 6

As Jesus prepared his disciples for his departure, he responded to their concerns with a challenge for them to abide in him. He makes it clear that the relationship they have with him will continue, and will result in fruit. So the test of discipleship is fruit bearing.