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A Serious Christian

June 26

If we are to fulfill the task that God has given to us as Christians, if we are to carry out the mission of this church to reach the lost and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, if we are to serve in the spirit of Christ, then we must be serious about our commitment to Christ.


The Good Father

June 19

The parable of the prodigal son not only tells about wayward sons; it speaks about the good father. Jesus told this story to teach both the religious authorities and repentant sinners about the character of our Heavenly Father.


Seeking the Lost

June 12

The religious leaders complained because Jesus welcomed and received “sinners.” In these parables Jesus shows the error of their attitude and demonstrates how we should respond to those who are lost in our society.


The Lesson of the Dead Boy

June 5

In our service of God, we will be given tasks that are beyond our capabilities to perform. Elijah faced those same challenges as he called on God to turn the hearts of the people of Israel back to him. In order to face such challenges, he had to learn to call upon the power of God.


The Episode of the Dry Brook

May 22

To meet the challenges of living the Christian life and to be what God calls us to be, we must be growing in our relationship with God. The events of 1 Kings 17 show us how Elijah grew to be a great man of God. First he had to learn to trust in the provision of God.


The Secret to Contentment

May 15

At 85 years old we hear that Caleb was energetic, excited, and ready to be used of God. He was at peace and satisfied with his life, and his story gives us insights to how we can be content as well.


A Worthy Example

May 8

We face conflicting images of greatness in our society. While all fall short of perfection, the scriptures do provide us snapshots of people we can emulate. Mary is one such character who demonstrated a number of traits that make her a worthy example.


Recommit to the Lord

May 1

As we celebrate the 46th anniversary of the church, and our annual Covenant Sunday, we look once again to Joshua 24 as a reminder of how the people of God periodically need to be called to recommit to the Lord.