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July 20

Fast forward to the Roman epistle. It is a crucial letter in understanding the church's cultural impact and mission in the world. It was written to a church located in the seat of government. Paul explained the church's role in that kind of world and referenced Israel's past illustration. This text identifies their error, and perhaps ours. Time to listen!



July 13

The early church reached thousands of people with the Good News of Jesus, especially when they were experiencing opposition, even persecution. Acts 5 records escalation of the attempts to silence them and the miraculous ways He guided and unleashed them. Under His power they announced the decision that sustained their course. It is the decision that will sustain ours as well.



June 29

Peter and John were commanded by ruling authorities in Jerusalem "not to preach or teach in the name of Jesus" (Acts 4:31). It was the first challenge in the post-resurrection church. How the apostles answered this attempt to silence the Christian voice then is an object lesson for the contemporary church today! Are we listening?


For as long as we both shall live

June 22

Like it or not, God's intention is "married for a lifetime." That seems a little far-fetched in a culture where few things are thought to be lasting. Yet, it is God's design and His people should seek it. Today, we're doing vows and celebrating marriage. Ready to make some commitments?


To Cherish

June 15

To cherish something is to value it deeply. More than mere affection, cherish is a protective and caring virtue, love in action. Paul's letter used marriage as an illustration of Christ's relationship with His church. Its base line is love as a cherishing bond. It is powerful. Life changing.


To Love

June 8

Someone said, "love is blind." It may be so in a secular sense, but biblical love isn't. Agape love actually sharpens our vision, improves the resolution of what we see. No, love isn't blind. But, it changes the way we look at people. Peter talked about it in a generic sense. But, truth applies across the board. It's a great reminder!


In Sickness and in Health

June 1

The stress of health concerns is a test few married couples avoid. sooner or later most of us deal with the challenges of having this treasure in earthen vessels watching a loved one suffer, and then experiencing the financial, mental, and even spiritual strain caused by it adds layers of pressure to life. Let's apply the truth of the "love chapter" to our vows Love is...