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Final Words

December 4

Based upon Paul’s final sermon to the Ephesian Elders I find guidance for my farewell to a church that is dearly loved. I rejoice in my time with Northwood, and encourage her to celebrate her accomplishments in Christ and to embrace her future with faith.


Getting Ready for Christmas

November 27

The celebration over the coming of the promised Messiah requires the preparation of our lives for the message and the meaning of this season. John the Baptist was sent by God to get people ready for Jesus, and his message guides us as well in getting ready for Christmas.


God’s Creation

November 20

While Interim Pastor Tim Tew is out of town, Interim Youth Pastor Jay Glasgow takes the pulpit to deliver this week's sermon.


Thanks-Giving Without Thanks-Living

November 13

True thanksgiving is more than just a few moments of recognition to God for his goodness. Instead, it should be an attitude consciously chosen and consistently displayed in our lives. Jesus’ parable of a man who appreciated the blessings of God without demonstrating a life of thanks provides a warning for us to beware of taking God’s goodness and blessings for granted.


Responding to the Goodness of God

November 6

As we approach the thanksgiving season, it is appropriate for us to concentrate upon how much we are blessed. In Luke 17 Jesus encountered ten lepers who experienced God’s goodness firsthand, and the one who returned patterns for us the proper response to God’s goodness.