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Advice for Troubled Times

June 28

Most agree that we are living in troubled times, and it is quite common for fears and anxieties to overshadow our lives. The Bible offers help and points to the true source of comfort for such times. Psalm 27 is one of those places where we find advice for handling times of trouble.


A Faithful Father

June 21

While honoring our fathers, it is also proper for us to challenge our men to be faithful fathers. Abraham demonstrates the characters of a faithful father—the type of father that honors God and receives God's commendation.


Being a Christian Role Model

June 7

What will the next generation of Christians be like? We have a responsibility to be the role models for those under our influence and to guide them in the direction God wants them to go. In Psalm 78 we are shown three lessons we should teach the next generation.


Wait On The Lord

May 31

In days of confusion and during the struggle with hardship, difficulty, despair, and personal defeat the Word of God for us can be summed up in the phrase-- "WAIT ON THE LORD." What does it mean for us to wait on the Lord?


The Quest for Immortality

May 24

There is a desire in all of us to be known, and to be remembered. We could call that desire part of our “Quest for Immortality.” The scriptures remind us that death is not the end of our story. In Christ there is certainty of more beyond death.


Give Her What She Deserves

May 10

Mother’s day is an appropriate time to encourage all women to realize the impact they have on our society and to challenge them to be Godly role-models. In Proverbs 31 we find several characteristics of a woman that deserves praise.


The Challenge

May 3

As we celebrate the church anniversary and covenant Sunday, we find in Joshua’s words a challenge. We are called to stand up and declare the Lordship of God and live committed and consecrated lives. In other words, we are called to be the church.