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Thankful, In Spite Of…

November 22

In the midst of the tragedies and injustices of our day we may find ourselves questioning why God doesn’t do something to straighten out the world. While troubles make it seem difficult to give thanks, God’s word through Habakkuk provides us with assurances that enable us go on, to have hope, and to be thankful, in spite of the problems we face.


The Wrath of God

November 1

Some feel that the love of God is contrary to the wrath of God. But these are actually two sides of the same coin. If we are to know and relate to God, we must understand his wrath as well as his love. The minor prophet Nahum instructs us in the character of God's wrath.


A Lesson About God

October 18

Perhaps one of the hardest realities for us to face is that often what we claim to know about God, has not really been learned, or at least is not lived out through our lives. Jonah is a clear example of how God’s own people need to be reminded of the important truths about God.


The Sin of Edom

October 11

The prophet Obadiah tells of God’s judgment, and the only hope, for the pride of the nation of Edom. Likewise we need to understand the danger of pride, know how it is manifested in our lives, and find hope for deliverance in the coming Messiah.