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Follow the Leader

July 26

If we want to "succeed" in our Christian life, then we will pattern our lives after our leader, Jesus. Likewise, as a church, if we want to minister effectively and perform the will of God we will pattern our ministry after the ministry of Jesus Christ.


The Mandate of Christian Citizens

July 5

As Christians we are citizens of two kingdoms: citizens of the kingdom of the world and citizens of the kingdom of God. In 1 Timothy Paul gave Timothy a mandate—a command that stretches across both citizenships, and this command is required of those who claim to be God’s people, in order to make both kingdoms great.


Advice for Troubled Times

June 28

Most agree that we are living in troubled times, and it is quite common for fears and anxieties to overshadow our lives. The Bible offers help and points to the true source of comfort for such times. Psalm 27 is one of those places where we find advice for handling times of trouble.


A Faithful Father

June 21

While honoring our fathers, it is also proper for us to challenge our men to be faithful fathers. Abraham demonstrates the characters of a faithful father—the type of father that honors God and receives God's commendation.


Being a Christian Role Model

June 7

What will the next generation of Christians be like? We have a responsibility to be the role models for those under our influence and to guide them in the direction God wants them to go. In Psalm 78 we are shown three lessons we should teach the next generation.