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October 19

The Epistles reveal the vibrant prayer support between the Apostle Paul and the churches he founded and served. Not only are there many prayers in the letters, there are also calls for prayer. Usually Paul asked that they pray for the message to grow and multiply. It's a final thought he had for that time, and for this one. Let's pray it!



October 5

Many people tried to define Joseph. Joseph only listened to God's definition. Today many voices attempt to define us. We must only listen to God's voice of definition.


The Six Sisters to Guard Your Soul

September 28

The Bible talks about our thought life a good bit. The Bible says what a man thinks in his heart, so is he. So the heart is the seat of all your reason. Your thought life controls everything you do. What you think is going to end up how you live.


Watch Out

September 21

Paul was always concerned that believers would become complacent - asleep at the wheel. So, his letters often mentioned vigilance and watchfulness. In this first of two final statements to the Philippians, he called them to attention.


Spiritual Warfare

September 14

Even in the first century many believers were naive about spiritual warfare. When he wrote to the Ephesians, Paul closed with strong warning about real life and the spiritual strength necessary to represent Christ in such a world. He demanded that they take up the full armor of God they could stand for Him. It is armor we must wear today!


Grow Up

September 7

Paul repeatedly challenged the Corinthian believers to grow up. He knew they could not be what God wanted them to be as long as they remained spiritual infants. The final paragraph of his second letter teaches them what happens when they grow up.