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The Song of Death

September 27

During the days of Amos, God had examined the nation of Israel and found her so close to death that she is described as practically dead. In the Song of Death over the fallen nation, Amos describes the fatal conditions that lead to her being at this point of death, but he also tells of the antidote that God prescribes for one in her condition.


The Day of the Lord

September 20

The Day of the Lord is when God will act in history to punish evil and pour out blessing upon the faithful in one final act of redemption. God can work through disasters, like the locust plague in the day of Joel, to warn and prepare us for that coming day.


God’s Redemptive Love

September 13

During the time of Hosea in the 8th century B.C., there was a lot of religious activity, but from the standpoint of God it was all spiritual adultery. His prophet was tasked to declare the judgment of a faithful God against a unfaithful people, but also to declare the hope in repentance. These two themes, judgment and hope, both demonstrate the redemptive love of God.


Ready for the wedding?

August 30

One day a wedding celebration is going to take place, one that we are honored to be included in, and that we are supposed to be prepared for, waiting for, watching for, and anticipating --by being ready. Are you ready for the wedding?


The Faith of Noah

August 23

Noah is known as one of the heroes of faith. He trusted and obeyed God during a time when the world was wicked and under judgment by God. His example of faithfulness challenges and guides us to live faithful lives and make a difference in our world for Christ.


The Way To Revival

August 9

Few Christians would argue against the statement that our nation is in need of revival. However, 2 Chronicles 7:14 makes it clear that revival must begin with God’s people. Throughout scripture, and history, we see evidence of this truth. One example that clarifies the way to revival is Elijah’s leadership of the nation of Israel back to God in 1 Kings 18.


Seek first the Kingdom

August 2

What are the things that we love most? Maybe it is family, friends, our careers, or even our possessions. Jesus refers to all these loves as our “treasures.” This points out the truth that we have to set aside these things and “seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.” Please listen as we study Matthew 6:25-34.