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God’s Prescription

September 25

In 2 Chronicles 7 God reminds us of his essential character: expressing judgment and wrath against sin, while testifying of grace and mercy for those who respond to him. The prescription he provides for Israel here applies as well to Christians, and guides us in the basic way we should respond to crises in our day.


Rahab: A Saving Faith

September 18

Rahab’s faith is highlighted in Hebrews for the way it resulted in her salvation, and the salvation of her family, in the midst of destruction of the city of Jericho. The elements of her faith are the same as those seen throughout the scripture, and help us understand how we too may have saving faith.


Get Right!

September 11

David fully understood how sin can brake our relationship with God. His tragic failure demonstrates how even the best of us can sin. When that happens, how can we get right with God and find peace in our soul? David’s experience expressed in Psalm 51 helps us consider what is necessary to get right with God.


On the Road to “Barely Saved

September 4

Paul warns us that many Christians will escape the day of judgment with only their salvation in tack. The prime example of such a “barely saved” individual is the Old Testament character Lot. Lot demonstrates how one can easily wander down the road to “barely saved.”


Keys to Spiritual Growth (Philippians 3:12-14)

August 28

Change is a characteristic of growth and life. To grow spiritually and change into the pattern and plan that God intends for us requires intentional effort. From Paul’s statements about his own goals and efforts we find guidance for pursuing spiritual growth in our own lives.


Facing the Obstacles Ahead

August 21

We should be excited as we consider how God has blessed, protected, provided and guided us through the last year, and we have every reason to expect the same in the future. But the account of Israel’s rebellion and failure as they were on the verge of entering the promise land serves as a warning for us, and may help us face the obstacles ahead in a way that honors God and brings blessing.


Conform or Transform?

August 14

As Christians we are being transformed by God into the image of God. However, there are tremendous pressures at work to try to conform us into the image of the world around us. Daniel is an example of one who stood firm against compromise, and he gives us insight on how we can withstand the temptations to conform.


Be Prepared

August 7

We understand that the best way to handle a crisis is to prepare ahead for it. Peter warns us that “The end of all things are at hand.” He then provides us with several steps on how to prepare spiritually for the end.