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August 31

Jesus said believers are salt. He also said light, too, but lets not multitrack just now. We're supposed to pour a sharp, distinct seasoning on the world around us. It's no good if the specific taste is lost. So, what is it, this taste? Hundreds of theologians and scholars have weighed in this. It's not that hard. Living it out means...hang on. That's the deal today!



August 24

So, many churches and believers understand going wide, that is, spreading out into the communities around us. Often, however, width exceeds depth, and the product is more participants rather than more disciples. To influence a secular culture requires people who know how to go deep, living by faith out in the open. Time to leave the shallows!


The Great Commission

August 3

We can certainly talk the talk. Buzz words like "missional" and "authentic" are the trend in ministry definition. Somewhere the clear imperatives about "making disciples" have been obscured by the high-minded rhetoric. Power Question 2 is basic. What is strategy one for impacting our world? Jesus told us. Well, duh?



July 27

Power Question 1 is simple. If we are Christians why do we live like pagans? The church's witness to the culture may be on a downward trend line because we are not differentiated from unbelievers in the way we live. What's the deal? Either we are, or we aren't. Time to get real.



July 20

Fast forward to the Roman epistle. It is a crucial letter in understanding the church's cultural impact and mission in the world. It was written to a church located in the seat of government. Paul explained the church's role in that kind of world and referenced Israel's past illustration. This text identifies their error, and perhaps ours. Time to listen!



July 13

The early church reached thousands of people with the Good News of Jesus, especially when they were experiencing opposition, even persecution. Acts 5 records escalation of the attempts to silence them and the miraculous ways He guided and unleashed them. Under His power they announced the decision that sustained their course. It is the decision that will sustain ours as well.