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April 6

Our Lord's final words from the cross were "It is finished!" So, what exactly was finished? What work was completed in His death on the cross? It was The Atonement, the penalty Jesus paid for our sins so that we could be reconciled to God. It is the greatest exhibition of the Father's love for us.


Wait problem

March 30

Practical James would have to talk about waiting! His final paragraphs, however, provide a rich context for our patience. He reminds u there is more. Finally, he tells us how to be occupied while we wait. Stuff he learned from his brother.


Four Dangerous Trip Writes

March 16

James mentioned several trip wires that caused him to stumble along the way. Not only that, he gave clear and practical instructions for dis-arming them. One of the lessons has to do with how we implement them in life. Listening is one thing, doing another!



March 9

James wavered back and forth. Like many of us, he lived on the soft edges of faith, unable to make a solid commitment. Then, something rocked his world and he was changed. He moved to the next level, and he calls us there, too.



March 2

The most difficult partnership is the partnership within a family. Family difficulties show up in every area of life. You only have to read into the 4th chapter of the bible to find sibling rivalry. Yet we look back through history and understand much of our lives are the result of great family partnerships. especially the partnership of brothers.