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The Wrestler

October 16

We all have had seasons when we have wrestled with God. In this sermon, Pastor Tommy looks at the most famous wrestling match in the Bible and show us why Jacob wrestled with God and how he prevailed. From this story, Pastor Tommy shows us how we can prevail with God as well. Tommy Meador was voted to be the new pastor of Northwood Baptist Church on Sunday October 16


Standing Firm in Crisis: Part 2

October 9

When faced with an overwhelming crisis, Jehoshaphat and his people were able to stand firm and to see God work out his purposes through their conflict. Their story gives us direction for standing firm when we face crisis in our lives as well.


Standing Firm in Crisis: Part 1

October 2

We will all face crisis times in our lives, those times when things seem desperate, and we feel utterly hopeless. The call from God is for us to stand firm. The story of Jehoshaphat’s crisis and God’s provision in his time of need provides us guidance for facing our trying times.


God’s Prescription

September 25

In 2 Chronicles 7 God reminds us of his essential character: expressing judgment and wrath against sin, while testifying of grace and mercy for those who respond to him. The prescription he provides for Israel here applies as well to Christians, and guides us in the basic way we should respond to crises in our day.


Rahab: A Saving Faith

September 18

Rahab’s faith is highlighted in Hebrews for the way it resulted in her salvation, and the salvation of her family, in the midst of destruction of the city of Jericho. The elements of her faith are the same as those seen throughout the scripture, and help us understand how we too may have saving faith.


Get Right!

September 11

David fully understood how sin can brake our relationship with God. His tragic failure demonstrates how even the best of us can sin. When that happens, how can we get right with God and find peace in our soul? David’s experience expressed in Psalm 51 helps us consider what is necessary to get right with God.


On the Road to “Barely Saved

September 4

Paul warns us that many Christians will escape the day of judgment with only their salvation in tack. The prime example of such a “barely saved” individual is the Old Testament character Lot. Lot demonstrates how one can easily wander down the road to “barely saved.”