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To Be Used Of God: Make Adjustments In Your Life

April 19

Gideon’s story helps us understand what it will take to be used of God: not only do we need to build an altar to God in our lives, we also will need to conform our lives to the will of God. This means we may need to make major adjustments in our lives.


To Be Used Of God: Build An Altar

April 12

God has a task for us that fits into His purpose. We are to serve God, to be used of God. The story of Gideon (Judges 6-7) helps us to understand what it takes to be used of God.


The Tomb Is Empty!

April 5

The Celebration of Easter is a reminder that the Tomb Is Empty. That reality serves as a command to us: that we respond, report, and rejoice.


The “Eureka!” Moment

March 29

In Isaiah 53 we find the prophet having a moment when he suddenly comes to understand the great truth of God's redemptive purpose in the Suffering Servant. I think his great realization was two-fold: he sees both the truth about his own sinfulness and the truth about the servant's suffering.


The Cost of Discipleship

March 22

Jesus demonstrated in the final weeks before his crucifixion a clear understanding regarding his purpose and God's plan. He was on the way to the cross, with his disciples following him in the way. During this time Jesus intentionally taught about Discipleship and counting the cost of being his follower.


The Reasons We Gather

March 8

Have you ever wondered the hows and whys and whats of our coming together each Sunday? When a church is at a crossroads such as looking for a new lead pastor, having a firm grasp on these reasons is more important than ever. The writer of Hebrews thought the same thing. So lets see what he had to say in his letter to the Hebrews, church that was also at a crossroads.


The Call to Discipleship

March 1

The call to those first disciples in Mark 3 is identical to the call Jesus extends to each one of us. Here is the heart of our existence as Christians. In it is contained the invitation and the intention of discipleship.