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The Cost of Discipleship

March 22

Jesus demonstrated in the final weeks before his crucifixion a clear understanding regarding his purpose and God's plan. He was on the way to the cross, with his disciples following him in the way. During this time Jesus intentionally taught about Discipleship and counting the cost of being his follower.


The Reasons We Gather

March 8

Have you ever wondered the hows and whys and whats of our coming together each Sunday? When a church is at a crossroads such as looking for a new lead pastor, having a firm grasp on these reasons is more important than ever. The writer of Hebrews thought the same thing. So lets see what he had to say in his letter to the Hebrews, church that was also at a crossroads.


The Call to Discipleship

March 1

The call to those first disciples in Mark 3 is identical to the call Jesus extends to each one of us. Here is the heart of our existence as Christians. In it is contained the invitation and the intention of discipleship.


A Challenge for God’s People

February 1

Paul shared his desires for a church that he dearly loved. These desires continue to provide a challenge for God's people. We need to examine the status of Northwood, be aware of her strengths and needs, and joyfully recommit to the task God has for us.