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The Way To Revival

August 9

Few Christians would argue against the statement that our nation is in need of revival. However, 2 Chronicles 7:14 makes it clear that revival must begin with God’s people. Throughout scripture, and history, we see evidence of this truth. One example that clarifies the way to revival is Elijah’s leadership of the nation of Israel back to God in 1 Kings 18.


Seek first the Kingdom

August 2

What are the things that we love most? Maybe it is family, friends, our careers, or even our possessions. Jesus refers to all these loves as our “treasures.” This points out the truth that we have to set aside these things and “seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.” Please listen as we study Matthew 6:25-34.


Follow the Leader

July 26

If we want to "succeed" in our Christian life, then we will pattern our lives after our leader, Jesus. Likewise, as a church, if we want to minister effectively and perform the will of God we will pattern our ministry after the ministry of Jesus Christ.


The Mandate of Christian Citizens

July 5

As Christians we are citizens of two kingdoms: citizens of the kingdom of the world and citizens of the kingdom of God. In 1 Timothy Paul gave Timothy a mandate—a command that stretches across both citizenships, and this command is required of those who claim to be God’s people, in order to make both kingdoms great.