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The Secret to Contentment

May 15

At 85 years old we hear that Caleb was energetic, excited, and ready to be used of God. He was at peace and satisfied with his life, and his story gives us insights to how we can be content as well.


A Worthy Example

May 8

We face conflicting images of greatness in our society. While all fall short of perfection, the scriptures do provide us snapshots of people we can emulate. Mary is one such character who demonstrated a number of traits that make her a worthy example.


Recommit to the Lord

May 1

As we celebrate the 46th anniversary of the church, and our annual Covenant Sunday, we look once again to Joshua 24 as a reminder of how the people of God periodically need to be called to recommit to the Lord.


About the Offering

April 24

In 2 Corinthians 8-9 Paul wrote the church “concerning the offering” that was being collected throughout the Gentile regions for the poor Jewish Christians in Jerusalem. Paul encouraged their participation and readiness to give, but he also answers for us several vital questions about our giving.


Return to God

April 3

Throughout God’s word we find accounts of spiritual renewals among God’s people. Such revivals take place when God’s people come together, humbly return to God, and allow him to work in and through them. In 1 Samuel 7 we are given an example of what it takes to return to God.