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Ritual or Worship?

January 24

The challenge to stir the people to rebuild the temple was not the only task of the prophet Zechariah. He makes it clear that God’s concern was not just a place of worship—not just a building: he called the people to also consider the nature of their worship as they prepare for the coming Messiah.


Faithful of the Finish

January 17

The message of Haggai is about rebuilding the house of the Lord. But it is about more than just hammers and nails, more than just about a building, it is about commitment; a commitment to accomplish God's will and to finish the tasks He calls us to do. It’s about counting the cost and being faithful to the finish.


The Judgement of God

January 10

We often long for righteous judgment to be carried out in our world and things to be "made right." The prophets repeatedly speak of the "Day of the Lord" in which God will carry out just such judgment. Zephaniah helps us understand the implications of the coming judgment of God.


Direction in Living

January 3

What gives you direction, the standard that provides both a goal in life and a guide for reaching that goal? Jesus declared that loving God and loving others are the greatest commandments. To find meaning and purpose in living, we must come to a right relationship with God and fellowman.


A Message Worth Repeating

December 20

The message of Christmas proclaims Good News for everyone—that God knows about and loves us all in spite of our sinful state, he took the initiative to reach out to us all in grace, and he provides salvation as a gift purchased with the sacrifice of his own son for all who respond in faith. It is a message we hear throughout the bible. And at Christmas, it is a message worth repeating.


Mary: To be used of God

December 13

The story of Christmas reminds us that God uses people like us to carry out his work. Mary is an example of what it means to be used of God, and the characteristics she displayed helps us understand what we must do to be used of God as well.


Advent: Jesus is Coming!

December 6

The season of Advent is a time to not only celebrate the coming of Jesus as a child in Bethlehem, but it is also a time to anticipate and prepare for the future coming of the Christ. Paul wrote to assure us that Jesus is truly coming one day, that is will be sudden, but that Christians should be prepared for that day.