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Living in the Interim

November 16

Last words and final instructions are usually considered very significant. In Acts 1 we find the disciples facing a time of major transition--facing of one the interims of life--the period between Jesus' ascension and his final return for the Church. Jesus' final instructions to his disciples then, as well as his disciples now, serve as the Church's pattern for ministry.


mmm, aah, ooh

October 26

Peter's first epistle was addressed to believers scattered in the Roman provinces. They were a diverse melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, and the usual clashes and pressures of serving together. Peter's final instructions were hard hitting stuff. He called them to be like-minded and caring, a blessing to one another. It was hard hitting, and on point. Now!



October 19

The Epistles reveal the vibrant prayer support between the Apostle Paul and the churches he founded and served. Not only are there many prayers in the letters, there are also calls for prayer. Usually Paul asked that they pray for the message to grow and multiply. It's a final thought he had for that time, and for this one. Let's pray it!



October 5

Many people tried to define Joseph. Joseph only listened to God's definition. Today many voices attempt to define us. We must only listen to God's voice of definition.