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Basics for Christian Living

January 25

As Jesus was moving toward his death and departure, he wanted to make sure his disciples understood some of the basics about living the Christian life. His instructions challenge us to grow spiritually and remind us to be vigilant in our daily walk.


God and You

January 18

The "sanctity of human life" means that human life is set apart from all other life. Human life is unique; it is valuable, it is to be respected; it is to be protected. Simply put, no human life is worthless.


In the Valley of Dry Bones

January 11

Sometimes our situation appears to be hopeless. When we are faced with our own "valley of dry bones" what should we do? Ezekiel reminds us that God is able to work in miraculous ways to bring about his purposes.


Back to the Basics

January 4

If you forget the basics, you have problems. In our Christian walk we all need to go back to the basics from time to time to recall what is necessary for our health and growth as the body of Christ.


A New Beginning

December 28

The New Year ahead brings a time of reflection, anticipation, and opportunity for a new beginning in Jesus. In the experience of Peter after the resurrection of Jesus, we are reminded how to deal with the past and how to look forward to the future.


Christmas is Proclamation

December 21

Christmas seems to take priority in our lives during this time of year. The celebration of Christmas affects our work, our family, our entertainment, our finances, even our church life. But what is your priority during the Christmas Season? The story of the Wise Men helps us examine the proper priority of Christmas.


Christmas is Preparation

December 14

This is the season of Advent, a time of celebration over the coming of the promised Messiah. Such an important event deserves and demands proper preparation. John the Baptist was sent by God to prepare people for the reign of the Messiah. His message is for us as well.


Christmas is Promise

December 7

To the world Christmas is just another holiday, a season of emotion and sentimentality, or a time of presents and partying. But for God's people Christmas is a promise - a promise as old as humanity, yet as fresh as a newborn. The entire Word of God rests upon this promise. And all creation waits for its final fulfillment.