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Conform or Transform?

August 14

As Christians we are being transformed by God into the image of God. However, there are tremendous pressures at work to try to conform us into the image of the world around us. Daniel is an example of one who stood firm against compromise, and he gives us insight on how we can withstand the temptations to conform.


Be Prepared

August 7

We understand that the best way to handle a crisis is to prepare ahead for it. Peter warns us that “The end of all things are at hand.” He then provides us with several steps on how to prepare spiritually for the end.


Lessons from the Potter

July 31

While Jeremiah was dealing with the dilemma of trusting God during the midst of spiritual chaos, God sent him to the potter’s house. From the potter we can learn how God can work in our lives as well.


The Transformation

July 24

We expect to see spiritual transformation, a radical change in life and character, in those who belong to God. In Genesis 32 Jacob goes through several of the stages of spiritual transformation as he wrestled with God.