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Zumba Summer Jam

Last year, Summer Jam was completely sold out.  Don't miss your chance to catch it this year!  Get a group of Girlfriends together and come out to support the Wounded Warriors Project.  All ticket sales will go towards getting a critically injured US service member the assistance they need to get back on the path to recovery.  For more information please visit their Facebook page.

This year, all ticket sales will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.  Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 the day of the event.  Advanced tickets can be purchased at TicketBud.  You will not find a more exciting, uplifting, and enjoyable two hours of Zumba this year!

Blood Drive

As a church we are commanded to engage with our community.  And that means being involved in active, tangible things.  As a group of believers we have been given the gift of spiritual life.  One of the ways we can reflect that to our community is by participating in a Red Cross blood drive.  It's a fantastic way for us to partner with an organization that is working hard to save physical lives.  By giving a few minutes of your time you can donate the life-saving blood that someone in our community needs.  Reserve a space now to donate at our blood drive on June 8, 2014.